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2020 Documents - 2020-21 Annual Meeting

The annual meeting included:

  • A brief business meeting required by our bylaws
  • A quick review of our activities during the pandemic (and we've been doing a lot!)

This was followed by two presentations:

  • The Proprietors Map explained why the 1732 map of Ancient Falmouth at Falmouth Memorial Library is historically significant and how Osher Map Library's digital imaging of the map--plus making the digital map accessible online--has given a big boost to genealogical and property history research in Falmouth.
  • Bucknam Tavern told the story of one of Falmouth's older buildings (explaining how we reconstructed the narrative from publicly accessible documents) and gave an update on the renovation now underway.

The two presentations were filled with tips and hints for those researching families or property in Falmouth.

FHS Annual Meeting 01-19-21.pdf (Minutes)

FHS 2020-21 Annual Meeting Bundle.pdf (Slides for Business Meeting plus Presentations - 51 slides)

FHS 2020-21 Annual Meeting.pdf (Business Meeting Slides)

FHS Presents-Proprietors Map.pdf (Presentation Slides)

FHS Presents-Bucknam Tavern.pdf (Presentation Slides)

The Falmouth Historical Society was featured in the January 28th issue of the Northern Forecaster!  The article includes topics covered at the Annual Meeting.

Postscript.  The presentation on Bucknam Tavern showed a picture taken during the renovation:

Bucknam Tavern (Jan 2021) undergoing renovation

Here is a picture taken after the renovation:

Bucknam Tavern (Nov 2023) after renovation

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