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2024 Documents - March 2024 Board Meeting

Prior to the pandemic, our board meetings were typical for a small nonprofit.  They were held in-person with stacks of paper reports passed around the conference table.  In April 2020, we pivoted to online meetings using Zoom and relied upon PowerPoint slides to guide our discussion.  Initially, the content of routine reports was replilcated in the slides.  Later we used a summary slide with the remaining slides moved to the end as backup in case more information was needed .  Over the past four years, the backup slides were needed once.  Our meeting minutes became very detailed and duplicated much of the information in the slides.

Starting with this meeting, we are streamlining the material for our board meetings

  • Slides will contain only summaries of material in the reports unless more is needed for a board decision (e.g., budget approval). 
  • Reports will continue to be produced as they are now.
  • Minutes will become summaries of the meeting.  Annual meetings will continue to have detailed minutes for those unable to attend.

Showing that a town historical society isn't entirely wedded to the past, we will use generative artificial intelligence to produce the first draft of our meeting minutes.

FHS Board Meeting 03-12-2024.pdf

FHS Board Slides 03-12-2024.pdf

FHS Board Agenda 03-12-2024.pdf

FHS Member Report-2403.pdf

FHS Treas Report-2403.pdf

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